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NatureGlide - Healthy & non-slip barefoot shoes (Unisex)

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      Enhance Foot Health with Our Falour Barefoot Shoes.

      According to orthopaedic experts, walking barefoot is considered the most natural and beneficial way for humans to move. After all, we entered this world without shoes and for thousands of years, our ancestors traversed the earth unshod. Therefore, it's ingrained in our nature to tread through life barefoot.

      Designed for a natural walking sensation.

      • Recommended by doctors and podiatrists
      • Promotes a healthy posture
      • Long-term pain relief & relief from strain
      • Especially comfortable due to wide toe box

      "Most comfortable shoes I’ve bought. Been wearing bare foot walking boots for a while but hasn’t thought about going barefoot on casual trainers. So glad I did. These are great shoes. Information on the website very good."

      4.88⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Stuart McDougall

      Why Choose Falour Barefoot Shoes

      Put an end to stiff and immobile shoes!

      Conventional shoes, often tight-fitting with stiff soles, can lead to foot muscle atrophy and serious deformities, as confirmed by orthopaedic surgeons and podiatrists worldwide. Falour offers a solution by providing barefoot shoes that allow you to reconnect with the ground and promote foot health in daily life, without compromising on style and comfort. Discover the joy of natural movement and embrace a healthier lifestyle with Naturcontact's innovative footwear.

      The best investment in your health

      With Falour-Lorax barefoot shoes,you're choosing comfort, healthy feet, and a natural walking experience.These unique shoes give you the feeling of running barefoot whileproviding protectionand support.

      • Muscular balance: our shoes promote the use of the entire foot musculature for stronger and healthier feet.
      • Prevention of incorrect posture: The natural rolling action prevents poor posture and promotes an upright posture.
      • Optimal pressure distribution: even pressure distribution across the foot, preventing painful pressure points and overuse.
      • Improved circulation: the barefoot feel promotes circulation and can reduce swelling and fatigue.
      • Natural gait: promoting a natural gait that reduces stress on joints & spine.
      • Improved ground contact: A more direct ground feel can improve balance and coordination.
      Icon for groupWho are our barefoot shoes suitable for?

      Barefoot shoes are basically suitable for all people who want to do something good for theirfeet, strengthen them and improve their foot posture. The following people in particularbenefit greatly from barefoot shoes:

      People with problems such as:

      • Pressure points on the foot
      • Hallux valgusHammer toes
      • Knee, hip and back pain
      • Ankle pain
      • Arthritis
      • Heel spurs
      • Swellings
      • Heel pain or splayfoot!

      Runners, hikers, yoga lovers and co.: Barefoot shoes are particularly popular with runners,hikers, trail runners, water sports enthusiasts, yoga lovers and other athletes, as they enablemore natural running feeling and strengthen the foot muscles.
      Fitness enthusiasts: Barefoot shoes are often preferred in gyms and for functional trainingexercises as they offer greater freedom of movement and flexibility.
      Health-conscious people: People who strive for a healthy and active lifestyle are ofteninterested in barefoot shoes as they can promote improved posture and foot health.
      Nature lover's: People who like to be out in nature appreciate the flexibility and traction ofbarefoot shoes, which provide a better feel for the ground. They also feel very connected tonature.

      Icon for questionWhy are barefoot shoes recommended for both healthy and sick feet?
      Sick feet:
      • Promoting healing: Barefoot shoes can help restore foot health and reduce pain.Natural gait: They allow for a more natural gait, which can be especiailly crucial for thosewith foot conditions.
      • No restriction: Unlike conventional shoes, they do not hold the foot in an unnatural orpainful position.
      Healthy feet:
      • Natural support: Barefoot shoes promote the maintenance of the natural foot muscles andprevent them from weakening.
      • Promoting balance: They support a better sense of balance and strengthenproprioception.
      • Prevention: Their use can prevent potential foot problems by allowing the foot to movefreely and naturally.
      Icon for notificationCan the insoles also be replaced?

      As a matter of course! Flexibility is important to us. lf you prefer an individual insole, forexample a custom-made orthopdedic version, or if you decide on thicker socks, werecommend that you take one size more right away. Your feet will thank you!

      Icon for notificationCan l wear socks in the barefoot shoes?

      Of course, you may! lt's your choice- even with socks you benefit fully from the healthadvantages of our barefoot shoes. Only the immediate barefoot feeling might be slightlyinfluenced by socks. Choose what is most comfortable for you and gradually approach yourideal wearing experience.

      Orthopedists' Recommendation

      Our Falour Footwear shoes are not only designed for outdoor adventures but also for optimal comfort and support for your feet. Specialists in orthopedics and podiatry recommend our shoes because of their ergonomic design features that help minimize foot strains during walks or daily use. Step with confidence knowing you're in good hands - both for your adventures and for your foot health.


      With over25,000+ satisfied customers, we have proven the effectiveness and quality of our products

      Take full advantage of our 30-day test phase and our exclusive 100% comfort guarantee. With Falour barefoot shoes, you have absolutely zero risk. Experience the unparalleled comfort and liberating sensation of being pain-free anywhere, anytime.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 41 reviews

      They really are not what they pretend to be . More like a very expensive pair of socks with zero toe separations as per the description- very misleading

      We understand that you might have different expectations regarding the design and functionality of the shoes. Your feedback is very important to us, and we will work on improving our product descriptions to ensure that future customers have a clearer understanding of our product's features.
      If you are not satisfied with the product, we are more than willing to assist you. Please contact our customer service team, and we will do our best to provide you with a satisfactory solution.

      Danny Vieyra
      Perfect shoes.

      Really pleasantly surprised! The size is just right, very comfortable, breathable.

      Dimitrios Liamas
      So great.

      I'm very satisfied with these outdoor sports shoes! They fit true to size, are incredibly comfortable to wear.


      Fit perfectly, provide excellent comfort, and the lightweight design makes them a dream to wear.

      Emily Luckadoo
      Size is true.

      Absolutely love these outdoor sports shoes! They fit perfectly, feel so comfortable on my feet.

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